The Microstructure Of The Euro Money Market

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Hartmann, P. Ho, N. International Finance Corporation Access to Finance. Jappelli, T. Jayaratne J. Jikang, Z.

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Kalemli-Ozcan, S. Kalemli-Ozcan S.

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King, R. Lane, P. Levine, R. Liebscher, K. Lucas, R. Obstfeld, M. Oxelheim, L. Pagano, M.

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  6. Perez-Quiros, G. Portes, R. Prasad, E. Robinson, J. Rousseau, P. How are commercial papers priced? How are certificates of deposit priced? How are REPO agreements priced?

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    Assume that one-month government security and one-month CDs are both quoted as having a yield of 5 per cent. Which gives the higher yield to an investor? Suppose that long-term interest rates are expected to fall in future. How is this to influence the supply of commercial paper and why? Assume that the government makes a major sale of bonds to the private sector. Explain the likely effect on a liquidity of the banking system; b demand for money market instruments.

    Imagine that the central bank is concerned about the rate of growth of credit in the economy. Explain how it might use its position in the REPO market to address this problem. How can the central bank of a country use REPOs on government bonds to raise interest rates from 4,5 percent to 5 percent? Goodhart, and R. Gradojevic, N. Yang , Non-linear, non-parametric, non-fundamental exchange rate forecasting , Journal of Forecasting, forthcoming. Clifton Green Emory University Email. Green, C. Alexander Guembel Oxford University Email.

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