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Lastly, every worker is unique and experience the incident in a particular way, depending on life history, capacity to deal with difficult situations, and resilience.

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Being a victim of workplace violence may have consequences for workers, but it does not happen the same way or happen in different intensity on different workers, it is not a rule. Truth is violence suffered by nursing professionals while exercising their functions has the potential to generate consequences, many of them are serious and have impact on workers' health and life, as well as on their relationship with work and health care institutions, and may extend to society.

Workplace violence in health care unquestionably "has become a public health problem", which may undermine workers' health, their careers, and health care provided 8. Even if in this reflection we did not expect to go through all consequences of violence experienced by nursing professionals, hence this phenomenon repercussions go further, data gathered indicated hypothesis on what and whom these consequences have affected. Such analysis may provide information to health care institution managers, nursing professionals, and people interested in the subject to demonstrate how important is the development and incorporation of initiatives demanding appropriate working and organizational conditions, and aiming at making health care work environments safe; it is also important to enable nursing professionals provide quality health care 4.

These initiatives also aimed at preventing workplace violence may include adoption of safety measures; improvement of work conditions, increasing the number of professionals hired; appropriate structure, materials, and equipments; training and fair remuneration; besides organizing services to allow access and reception of users in a health care management that promotes assistance excellence and a more satisfying job to the whole team, among others 8.

For this purpose, support and commitment of the health institution and its employees are essential for the consolidation of these initiatives at the workplace for preventing workplace violence 1. Nursing professionals who experience workplace violence are likely to suffer physical and psychological distress, which may affect the worker's capacity to perform everyday activities, his or her relationship with other people, financial condition, quality of life, and the health care system.

Moreover, the consequences of workplace violence in nursing affect the entire employer health care institution, for it affects its employees, which may lead to workforce reduction, illness or team impairment, compromise the quality of care provided, and generate costs. Nursing professionals assume outstanding relevance in health care services. Therefore, the present circumstances in which many of these workers were, are or will be victims of workplace violence must change, not only in Brazil, but in the world.

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Participation of managers, workers, scientific community, and people in general are important in searching for adequate working conditions and service safety and quality, from which proposals strengthen of federal and regional agencies intervention, e. Relationship between work stress and workplace violence in the health sector.

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The effect bullying on burnout in nurses: the moderating role of psychological detachment. J Adv Nurs. E-mail: bordignonmaiara gmail. Services on Demand Journal.

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Methods: this is a reflection paper based on recent publications related to the subject, particularly researches carried out in Brazil and in other countries. Results: exposure to workplace violence has been associated with health problems in nursing professionals, which may be physical damage, emotional manifestations, and psychic disorders. Conclusion: this phenomenon is potentially noxious and costly, for it leads to suffering, illness, absence from work, and even death. Consequences of workplace violence in Nursing: what and whom it affects Nursing professionals, besides facing challenging situations at work, e.

Received: June 07, ; Accepted: July 25, Benner, P. Educating nurses. A call for radical transformation. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Evidence-Based Practice: An integration of the best evidence available, nursing expertise, and the values and preferences of the individuals, families and communities who are served.

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This assumes that optimal nursing care is provided when nurses and health care decision-makers have access to a synthesis of the latest research, a consensus of expert opinion, and are thus able to exercise their judgment as they plan and provide care that takes into account cultural and personal values and preferences. This approach to nursing care bridges the gap between the best evidence available and the most appropriate nursing care of individuals, groups and populations with varied needs.

Sigma Theta Tau International. Evidence-based practice position statement, Indianapolis, IN: Author. Quality Care: Quality is the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge. Quality care is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.

Institute of Medicine. Crossing the quality chasm. Washington, D. Cultural and Linguistic Competence: Cultural and linguistic competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enables effective work in cross-cultural situations that value and incorporate the cultural differences of diverse populations.

March, Interprofessional Educational Collaborative Expert Panel. Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice. Report of an expert panel. Health professions education. A bridge to quality.

Northeastern Career Services. School of Nursing Strategic Plan. School of Nursing Program Outcomes. For more than fifty years, our school has worked collaboratively with our community partners to develop experiential learning venues for students. A major goal of the Northeastern educational experience is to improve urban health and reduce health disparities. We recognize the critical importance of team work and embrace the growing opportunities for interprofessional practice, education, and research.

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