Essential PHP Security: A Guide to Building Secure Web Applications

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PHP Security and SQL Security - Part 1

Reporting is provided in the mail GUI console and as stand alone reports in numerous formats. These references provide general guidance to the technologies addressed in these sections and the specific recommendations contained therein. This section addresses authentication issues, ensuring a user has the appropriate privileges to view a resource. Topics such as principle of least privilege, client-side authorization tokens, etc.

This section addresses topics such as authenticated users having a robust and cryptographically secure association with their session, applications enforcing authorization checks and applications avoiding or preventing common web attacks, such as replay, request forging and man-in-the-middle.

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This section deals with applications being robust against all forms of input data, whether obtained from the user, infrastructure, external entities or databases. This section addresses application issues so they are secure from well-known parameter manipulation attacks against common interpreters.

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This section addresses issues that help to ensure the application is robust when subjected to encoded, internationalized and Unicode input. This section deals with designing well-written applications that have dual-purpose logs and activity traces for audit and monitoring. This makes it easy to track a transaction without excessive effort or access to the system.

They should possess the ability to easily track or identify potential fraud or anomalies end-to-end. This section deals with synchronization and remote services to web applications, by hardening applications against:. This section helps to ensures that cryptography is safely used to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive user data.

A lot of big and well-renowned websites are or were written in PHP. The fact that PHP is used by most websites provides serious security concerns especially because most websites today gather personal and other private information and PHP developers have a responsibility to their customers and the general public to create websites that are secure so as to protect the privacy of their users.

These vulnerabilities arise due to security flaws in the language itself or in its core libraries. Also, the ever-increasing number of PHP developers some of whom are unethical raises the need for security and privacy which users require. It is therefore very important that PHP developers be properly educated on the issue of security and privacy as the websites they create hold the private information for billions of users making the need for secure applications a necessity.

Review: Essential PHP Security

Always keep the installed PHP version updated. You can use versionscan to check for possible vulnerabilities of your PHP version. Update open source libraries and applications, and keep your web server well maintained.

Here are some of the important settings from php. You can also use iniscan to scan your php. In your production environment, you must always turn off displaying errors to the screen.

Checklist of PHP and web security issues

If errors occur in your application and they are visible to the outside world, an attacker could get valuable data for attacking your application. This settings defines one or more directories subdirectories included where PHP has access to read and write files. This sets the domain for which cookies apply. For wildcard domains you can use. HTTPS is a protocol for securely communication over networks.

Secure Coding Best Practices