Dry Beans and Pulses Production, Processing and Nutrition

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Improved dietaryfiber content: The literature has well established that pulses are among the best food sources of dietary fibers. Recent studies have indicated that during extrusion of pulses, the concentration of flatulence-inducing oligosaccharides decreases while the levels of dietary fiber increase, thus suggesting that extrusion of pulses can have beneficial health effects by increasing the concentration of dietary fiber in the extruded food product Berrios et al.

Soluble dietary fibers are degraded in the large intestine into short-chain fatty acids that are beneficial for colon health and have shown anticarcinogenic activities. Insoluble dietary fibers are degraded slowly and provide bulk that can help reduce the risk of cancer in the colon.

Development of resistant starch: During cooking of pulses, starch is partially modified into resistant starch Mahadevamma et al. Pulses in general have a low glycemic index and high retrogradation rate due to their high amylose content. Extrusion has shown to increase the content of resistant starch in the extruded pulses. The development of resistant starch along with the high retrogradation rate of pulses suggest that extrusion technology enhances the health benefits of pulses by developing products that can better fit individuals with physiological problems such as diabetic patients.

Because pulses are rich in dietary fiber and extrusion technology increases the levels of resistant starch in extruded pulse products, it is suggested that extru sion process enhances the prebiotic properties of pulses. Phenolic compounds: Pulses are rich in complex phenolic compounds: flavonoids, tannins, phenolic acids, and proanthocyanidins. Heat treatment leads to polymerization of phenolic compounds. While most phenolic compounds do not degrade during heat treat ment, however, they tend to polymerize. Increased polymerization often leads to decreased bioavailability, which is an important factor associated with bioactivity of pulses.

The effect of extrusion on phenolic compounds needs further research to fully delineate the occurrence of phenolic-protein complex formation and subsequent reduced protein digestibility. Improved nutrient bioavailability: While heat treatment has shown to improve micro- nutrient bioavailability Alonso et al. Favism: A condition that causes acute hemolytic anemia in susceptible individuals and needs to be removed. Germination often takes care of favism factors Carbanaro It is unclear what the long-term implications and the public health impacts of the tradi tional antinutrients antitrypsin, alpha-amylase inhibitors, and phytic acid are with respect to extrusion and conventional cooking.

SUMMARY Extrusion cooking is widely used commercially to produce high-value expanded breakfast and snack foods based on cereals such as wheat, rice, or corn. However, up to now, this processing has not been commercially used for adding value to dry beans and other pulses. This may be due to market cost factors involving the use of pulses and in part due to limited knowledge about the functionality of their food components, and the perception that pulses may not produce a quality product as those made with cereals.

The reviewed scientific literature presented here demonstrates that extrusion-cooking technology offers great potential for the fabrication of value-added food products from dry beans and pulses. The extrusion process enables the use of underutilized and undervalued hard-to-cook and normal fresh dry beans and other pulses.

Extrusion potentially overcomes the undesirable properties of hardened beans, improving their nutritional value by decreasing cooking time and inactivating undesirable antinutrients. The nutritional attributes of pulses have been clearly established, and further potential for enhanced nutritional benefits is a topic of investigation. The reviewed litera ture also indicates that extrusion processing offers great potential for the development of value-added, quick-cooked, expanded, tasty, healthy, nutritious, safe and convenient snacks and ready-to-eat products.

Dry beans and pulses production, processing and nutrition

Various patents and patent applications describing the use of extrusion processing for the fabrication of value-added foods from pulses are available to be used by the food industry, especially, for making healthy, pulse-based food alternatives to high caloric, low protein and dietary fiber, and high glycemic index snacks and breakfast-type extruded foods. Impact Report. The effect of extrusion cooking on mineral bioavail ability in pea and kidney bean seed meals.

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June , Abstract 15D-9 Extruded legumes. Publication date: June Sodium bicarbonate and the microstructure, expansion and color of extruded black beans. J Food Proc Presrv Bhattacharya S, Prakash M. Extrusion of blends of rice and chickpea flours: A response surface analysis. J Food Eng Extrusion cooking and dietary fiber: Effects of dietary fiber content and on degradation in the rat intestinal tract. Cereal Chem Bonorden W, Swanson BG.

Dry Beans and Pulses

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How to Dry-Roast Soy Beans : Healthy Bean Recipes

Functional properties of extrudates from high starch fractions of navy and pinto beans and corn meal blended with legume high protein fractions. Feed moisture effects on functional properties, trypsin inhibitor and hemag- glutinating activities of extruded bean high starch fractions. High temperature extrusion effect on protein solubility and distribution in navy and pinto beans. The effect of extrusion operating conditions on the apparent viscosity and the properties of extrudates in twin-screw extrusion cooking of maize grits.

trapolsoiri.cf Use of low-temperature extru sion for reducing phytohemagglutinin activity PHA and oligosaccharides in beans Phaseolus vul garis cv. Navy and Pinto. Food Chem doi Kinsella JE. Functional properties of proteins in foods: A survey. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr 7: Role of sodium bicarbonate and trapped air in extrusion.

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Sensory properties and acceptability of corn and lentil extruded puffs. J Sensory Studies Dietary fiber in legumes: Effect of processing.


Eur J Clin Nutr S Thermal processing effects on the functional properties and microstructure of lentil, chickpea, and pea flours. Mahadevamma S, Shamala TR. Tharanathan RN. Resistant starch derived from processed legumes: in vitro and in vivo fermentation characteristics. J Agric Food Chem — Effects of extrusion conditions on system parameters and physical properties of a chickpea Hour-based snack.

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  • Functional character istics of extruded pinto and navy bean flour Phaseolus vulgaris L. Physico-chemical and sensory quality of extruded light red kidney bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. Enhanced dry bean utilization focused on improved dietary health is an opportunity within both subsistent and developed populations.

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    It provides in-depth coverage of a wide variety of pertinent topics including: breeding, postharvest technologies, composition, processing technologies, food safety, quality, nutrition, and significance in human health. An experienced team of over 25 contributors from North America, Asia, and Africa has written 15 chapters, divided into three sections:. Contributors come from a field of diverse disciplines, including crop sciences, food science and technology, food biochemistry, food engineering, nutritional sciences, and culinology.

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    Dry Beans and Pulses Production, Processing and Nutrition is an essential resource for scientists, processors and nutritionists, whatever the work setting. Kelly and Karen A. Uebersax and Muhammad Siddiq. Matella, Dharmendra K.