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They report that only one strategy, including research reports in practitioner publications, has been shown by research to be effective in closing the gap and argue that more research needs to be done to find solutions to bridge the gaps between research and practice.

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Finally, it has been suggested that the emergence of evidence-based librarianship with its emphasis on research informed practice, may encourage more librarians to read library and information science research reports Booth ; Clyde Not surprisingly other disciplines with professional arms have also been very interested in the relationship between research and practice. These include Education, Nursing and Social Work.

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As with our own field, their literatures highlight the need to address what is seen as a problem. Each of these disciplines has also made unique contributions to our understanding of the research practice issue. One way the literature of Education is different is that it includes more work published in journals with professional readership that specifically targets practising teachers. Examples of this include Hodges and Myers A central theme in the literature of Social Work is its emphasis on the need to integrate research into practice and encourage social workers to participate in field studies.

Typical of this are articles by Franklin and Tsang Unlike library and information science, Nursing has investigated the information seeking of nurses as an important and relevant underlying factor. Recent examples of this work include Tannery et al. All three of these disciplines have more extensive publication in the area of evidence-based practice than library and information science.

This is particularly true for Nursing, perhaps because the findings of research relevant to the field are clearer and more generalizable. Publications from Education such as Ruthven , from Nursing such as Penz and Bassendowski and from Social Work such as McNeill which clearly link evidence-based practice to greater integration of research and practice suggest that the further development of evidence-based practice in library and information science may also help to bridge the divide. This work reports on the latest of a series of research projects that have investigated how human information behaviour researchers go about doing their work including their use of theory McKechnie et al.

It asks the following research questions: Are the results of human information behaviour research being interpreted and reported for application to the work of LIS practitioners and if so, how? Published proceedings of the ISIC conferences from to include a total of articles of which To answer our research questions we conducted a content analysis of the research reports. While human information behaviour researchers communicate their work through a variety of publications and conferences, ISIC is chosen as one being of the major international venues for dissemination of human information behaviour research.

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In total, articles were analysed. The articles were coded for: primary affiliation of each author; use of theory; method s employed; the presence of explicit implications for practice; and, if implications for practice were included, the parts of the article title, abstract, introduction and literature search, method, results, discussion and conclusion where these were found. All articles that included implications for practice were further analysed to determine what strategies were used by authors to do this and to see whether or not the writing was accessible to practitioners.

To be included in this subset, an article simply had to state that the findings were relevant to practitioners of library and information science with or without specifically delineating what these implications were. For example, one paper in which the authors stated the study 'may have both theoretical and practical implications' was included in the subset of articles analysed. This was accomplished by conducting author searches and examining the papers found to determine whether they were about the same project reported on in the ISIC paper.

In other words, we looked for other acts of communication that complemented the ISIC papers. A random sample of ten articles was selected and re-coded by an independent coder. This individual was purposefully chosen as an active practitioner with fifteen years of professional experience and a strong background in, and understanding of, scholarly research.

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The total number of authors included in the sample is Authors are internationally diverse with 80 Of the authors The eight practitioner authors contributed to seven papers, four of which were single-authored and the other three completed with one or more scholarly authors. All but one of the papers identified one or more methods used to collect data. The most frequently used methods were interviews used in 85 or Download data. Information Systems Research.

Information Communication and Society. Scientific data.

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Journal of Information Technology. European Journal of Information Systems. Journal of Informetrics. International Journal of Information Management. College and Research Libraries. Research Evaluation. Communications in Information Literacy. Journal of Cheminformatics. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. Social Science Computer Review.

Emerald's primary journals are peer reviewed. Its books are published with a mix of reviewed content and invited contributions from subject experts. Does not have its own online platform, but its e-books are available for purchase through third-party vendors. Titles are roughly organized around the following broad topics: collection building, information studies and reference, information technology and web, and management and professional skills. A number of Facet titles are simultaneously published in North America under the publisher Neal-Schuman ; the content of these Neal-Schuman publications are the same, but the cover art and ISBN will be different.

Library Information Science Collection. It publishes books, journals, conference proceedings, encyclopedias, and databases in education, social sciences, health care, business management, public administration, computer science, and library science. Titles published under the InfoSci imprint tend to be business- or technology-oriented. The emphasis of most works is on the use of information communication technology ICT to collect data, organize information, and acquire knowledge within organizational settings.

Titles within the Library Information Science Collection focus on information technology within libraries, digital libraries, and digital literacy. Rather than publishing monographs, most of the books are compilations of papers written by scholars and practitioners. Note that many of the chapters are also available for purchase as individual downloads from the IGI Global website.

Primarily identifies itself as the publisher of Information Today.

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InfoToday organizes and publishes the proceedings for an annual conference that is also called Computers in Libraries. Titles published by Facet for the U. See publisher's website for a full list. In the LIS discipline, Scarecrow Press publishes monographs, handbooks, textbooks, and reference tools. Founded in in Berlin.