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If you are going to be installing apps on the Likebook, I really recommend to download Lite apps. These are stripped down versions of the main app and have been optimized for low-end phones on 2G networks. Kindle Lite is around 1.

With Kindle Lite there is no dictionaries, note taking, X-Ray or anything else. It is a basic app that lets you switch to dark mode and adjust the size of the text. What I really like about it, is there is no animated page turns. Many e-readers menu system is needlessly complicated.


They all have a navigation menu at the bottom of the screen and books on the home screen. Boyue has done a very innovate design that no other company has ever done. This is very refreshing from an e-reader review prospective, but also makes it really intuitive for new users.

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There are only a few options Home, books and apps. There are countless e-reader apps that are lacking in features or have too many that confuse users. When you have the native ebook reader app fired up and click on the center of the screen there are a few settings. You can change the size of the font from five preset options and there are three little dots that allow you totally customize the size via a slider. There is also two other slider bars that control the weight of the font, which many e-readers have. What is new on the Mars is that you can control the weight of pictures, this has never been done before.

You can also change the line spacing, have the pages turn automatically if you are reading on a kickstand or switch the orientation from portrait mode to landscape. The stock app reads anything you sideload into your e-reader via the USB cable. On the advanced settings menu there are only a handful of options.

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You can adjust the full page refresh rate or where you want to touch to turn a page. By default on the left and right hand side is where you would turn pages, but manga has a different layout. You can change all of this on the fly to optimize your favorite format for both portrait and landscape orientation. There is one English font and one Chinese font, that is it. I am sure you can sideload in your own, but many users might not know how to do this.

The Likebook Mars is the most complete consumer grade e-reader to be released in The front-lit display and candlelight system works really well and the Boyue Launcher was designed really well. Web pages loaded in one or two seconds and ebook reading is superb.

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One of the things that Boyue suffers from is name brand recognition in Canada and the United States. This is because they primarily do business in China. Boyue told me that they are working with a US based distributor and will directly be selling their e-readers on Amazon.

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The company has also disclosed that at the end of the month they will issue a firmware update that adds Google Play Services. He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years. The older model does not have a great front light system hence it makes the fonts look like washed out and also fonts got blurry with the android apps especially web browsing and other reading apps.

So are the ones sold on Amazon now not from the official distributor? What are the implications of plastic screen? It scratches easily right? Also is there any minimal ingress protection? No, the person on Amazon only had a few units, likely he just ordered them from Boyue and marked it up for the US. Oh, phew.

See a Problem?

If you feel like you might ding it, buy a case for transport. I am not sure.

Hope you get them in your store. Minor grammar issue in the sixth paragraph. In the unboxing video I noticed the specs on the back said it had a mAh battery. Where did you get from? How does it compare to the old model, the likebook plus 7. Is battery life good, specially for reading. Is it worth the extra money. To be honest, we never reviewed it, but we did review the Icarus XL HD, which is what this model was rebranded as.

This makes a huge difference if you are using Android as an OS. I find the Likebook Plus light too bright in complete darkness minimum level is the same as level 5 on a Paperwhite , is it the same with this one? This actually sounds very interesting.

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That looks promising. Can you tell me what dictionary ot uses? If not the Oxford one that is on all the Kindles would it be possible to get that? Being a non-native speaker it would mean a lot to me. Smooth like Kindle or cumbersome like Kobo? And is there any chance of a pocket integration? If could take a minute and help me out with these i would really appreciate that.

Thank you in advance. This looks like a promising e-reader. I have a Safari Books subscription. Does this device support installation of the Safari Queue application which would allow me to read their books? Icarus are probably officially dead not responding to emails, phone in the website is disconnected.

I love it and agree with the high rating but still want to mention a few things to warn about possible disappointments: — The reader has no button at all, which means everything needs to be done on the touchscreen.

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You can easily press it by mistake. Is the software update for the Google Play services available now?? I just received the MARS. Also it came with a Boyue book-cover which closes the screen when you shut it. It also just updated the software, and Google Play store is on it but so far it does nothing when I try to load it.

The other book readers which you can download immediately using their app store app are no good. The KOReader has terrible formatting and is sluggish, Coolreader is not made for eink, and Bookari is a free version which has ads and blocks many of the functions unless you pay for the full version.