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Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. The spine remains undamaged. An idea when the android app may come through? I have no intention of switching to iPad and want the app desperately!

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The Android app is due to follow. After much discussion, we have decided that we will no longer publish this as a DVD but as a web-based application.

This is the all-singing all-dancing digital version of the Manual entire text, point locations videos, multiple test functions etc. The only downside is that users will need broadband to use it. We are hoping for a July launch. Thank you so much for an amazing text. I am a first year student and I own your book and find it to be the best choice for my studies.

I also purchased the CD Rom for a windows computer so that I could watch the videos for point location. I have now purchased an IPad and am wondering if there is any practical way to move the information to it without purchasing the information for a 3rd time. I purchased the CD Rom key last month.

Thank you for your assistance! However we will be introducing a completely new system early in the new year offering a way of using any of our Manual digital products on any of your devices. It will involve a small monthly rental payment but if feasible we will introduce a free period of rental for people who have previously bought the DVD. Details will become clearer nearer the time. Hello Peter, I notice that there are two editions of your book. Are there important changes that were made to the new edition, or would I be fine with the blue older one? Please give Android users the possibility of enjoying your work too!

I thank graciously ester from Brazil. Hi Ester. Dear Peter I am a third year student of acupuncture and find your book very helpful to me and my studies. Most of my classmates have your app on their iphones and it looks brilliant. My dilemma is I own a samsung galaxy phone and would have to change to a more expensive tariff to get an iphone just to access your wonderful app. I am considering doing this but saw that you have reconsidered doing an app for Android and was wondering if you have any idea when this might be available?

Also is there a cd maybe I could buy of the app to put on my laptop? I am based in Ireland.


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Thank you, Denise. Hi Denise. Yes, we do intend to put out an Android app but are3 finding that getting things done in the digital world is painfully slow. We do have a DVD — more comprehensive than the app. Many thanks and best wishes for a great Sorry,, I should have said that I only have an iPad2 and a very old pretty much defunct iMac to work with.

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Hi Roberta. At the moment our developers are working on, a. The DVD better call it the multimedia suite will work on ipads and computers.

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  7. All should work on the ipad 2. Hi Peter, Please could you advise if possible, when the app of the book will be out for android?

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    Many Thanks Daniel. Hi Daniel. We are still waiting many many months later for an upgrade on the iphone app and this was meant to be followed by an android version. Will it usually be sufficient just to have the app? Hi Ele The app is a trimmed down version of the book. The point names, categories, locations, location notes, cautions, indications and actions, and illustrations are the same and of course the app has videos where the book does not. The DVD which is currently being revised into a new version has the best of both the book and the app plus more besides some great self-testing modules but then again some people like me just love books.

    Hi Peter, Many thanks for your swift reply Hope it does not stress you to much. The age of technology seems to complicate many things Dan. Any suggestions? Thank you, Tonia. Hi Tonia. My apologies. Yes, I had seen that app when searching last time. These mobile versions will be very convenient to have close at hand. Dear Mr Deadman, have there been any further considerations for developing an android app? I am currently an acupuncture student and have your hard cover book, an app for my tablet would be such a great benefit to my studies. Fingers crossed. Apologies for the delay.

    Dear Mr.

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    Deadman, I absolutely Love your acupuncture book. Could you please, please please, Make an android app? I saw the iphone app on my lecturers phone. Could you get a second opinion with other app developers?? If there is a will, a way can be found. Hi Jas. Actually it looks unlikely we will develop the app for Android at the moment because instead we are getting our Manual of Acupuncture DVDRom redesigned as a web application.